Laser device


PURPOSE:To stabilize the laser power of a laser device by symmetrically disposing a laser beam monitor system and a diffraction light monitor system on an axis perpendicular to the predetermined laser oscillating axis and controlling the laser beam and the diffraction light symmetrically with respect to the laser oscillating axis. CONSTITUTION:Laser power incident to a pair of mirrors 11a, 11b and reflecting mirrors 13a, 13b arranged to approach the predetermined laser oscillation beam is measured by photodetectors 12a, 12b and 14a, 14b when concave and convex mirrors 2 and 3 are inclined with respect to the predetermined oscillating axis A. The laser power signal from the photodetectors is fed to a power control system 17. The power control system controls the regulation drive units of resonator mirror angle regulators 15, 16 so that a pair of signals from the respective photodetectors 12, 14 may become equal.




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