Method of measuring rolling length of rolling body


PURPOSE: To obtain with high precision the rolling length of a rotating body such as a tire deformed when it rolls by generating continuously a pluse-like rotation signal synchronizing with the rotation of the rotating body and a divided pulse of a specific period and computing the same on the basis of number of signals in both pulses generated at a predetermined distance. CONSTITUTION: A car 1 is caused to travel on a traveling surface 2 between a linear starting mark 3 and a stop mark 4 which are separated from each other at a distance L, and the rotational number of a tire 5 upon this occasion is sought with high precision. In this case, a photoelectric detector 9 for detecting marks 3 and 4 to the chassis 6 of the car 1 and a pulse generator for generating pulses at a predetermined time interval are provided at the chassis 6 of the car 1. From the rotational number P of the tire between the start mark 3 and the end mark 4 and the signal namber n'/n+(m-m')/m of its fraction, it is possible to compute the rolling length during one revolution of the tire. COPYRIGHT: (C)1980,JPO&Japio




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