Preparation of emulsified material by gel emulsification


PURPOSE:To obtain a stable, safe, and acidic emulsified material for cosmetics, having improved feeling of use, by incorporating a combination of aluminum hydroxide with a sugar ester of a fatty acid in a cosmetic raw material, and by gelatinizing and emulsifying the mixture. CONSTITUTION:Aluminum hydroxide gel is reacted with a sugar ester of a fatty acid in a dihydric alcohol of pH5.0 at about 80 deg.C to give a colloidal suspension comprising the combination of both by the hydrogen bonding or complex compound. The resulting suspension is used for a safe skin cosmetic due to the combination which is an excellent emulsifier having the emmulsifying power about 6 times that of the sugar ester of fatty acid, without charge disadvantages of aluminum hydroxide. The amount of surfactants causing skin disorders is very small.




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