Phenolic resin composition

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Mitsui Toatsu Chem Inc
  • Publication Date: September 24, 1980
  • Publication Number: JP-S55123643-A


PURPOSE: To prepare the title molding composition having excellent metal insert suitability and solvent resistance, by compounding a phenolic resin with a rubber containing epoxy groups in the molecule, and melting the mixture above a specific temperature. CONSTITUTION: 100pts.wt. of a phenolic resin is compounded with 2W100 parts (solid basis) of a rubber containing 1,000W30,000 epoxy-equivalent of epoxy groups in a molecule, and, when the rubber is a latex or a solution, removing water or the solvent, and melting and mixing the composition at 100W250°C for 3W180 minutes. EFFECT: Discoloration or non-uniform color change of the molded article after the treatment with trichloroethylene is prevented. COPYRIGHT: (C)1980,JPO&Japio




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