Control device of pushing roll


PURPOSE: To stop the tail end of a steel plate in a constant position by computing the operation timing of a pushing roll after the tail end is passed through a detector on the basis of the conveying speed of the steel plate, the diameter of a wind-up coil, and the moving speed of the pushing roll. CONSTITUTION: The conveying speed V 1 of a steel plate detected by a speed detector 14, the coil diameter D c of a wound-up steel plate in a coiler measured by a coil-diameter detector 15, and the moving speed VB of a pushing roll set by a speed-setter 1b, are transmitted to a computing circuit 17 for the starting time of the pushing roll operation. The output T 2 from this circuit is sent to a gate circuit 7, and by a passage signal from a steelplate tail end detector 3, transferred to a comparison circuit 8, where the output T 2 is compared with the clock signal from a clock pulse generator 9 for issuing an instruction output to operate the pushing roll at the time of agreement. This construction serves to work the pushing roll when the tail end is conveyed to a fixed distance from the detector. COPYRIGHT: (C)1980,JPO&Japio




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