Reset circuit


PURPOSE: To surely operate the circuit even against a change showing a slow power voltage rising by providing a waveform shaping means and an RC time constant circuit retarding the signal obtained from the means. CONSTITUTION: The time till an output V 1 of an RC time constant circuit 3 reaches a threshold voltage of an inverter Schmitt 4 is retarded according to the time constant when the time constant of the RC time constant circuit is selected longer than the time when the power voltage VCC does not reach its top but arrives in the steady-state soon. When the output V 1 of the RC time constant circuit 3 reaches a threshold voltage, the inverter Schmitt changes the state and the output RESET changes from '1' to '0'. Thus, the initial reset signal for a digital circuit or the like is operated stably by retarding the reset signal by a prescribed time after the power voltage VCC reaches the steady-state and changing the state of the reset signal. COPYRIGHT: (C)1990,JPO&Japio




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