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JP-S55107555-A: Weft yarn storing apparatus of loom patent, JP-S55107976-A: Electronic watch patent, JP-S55108936-A: Duplicator patent, JP-S55109606-A: Preparation of artificial hybrid flitch patent, JP-S55110785-A: Hybrid method for obtaining hydrogen patent, JP-S55111199-A: Method of wiring backboard of electric device patent, JP-S55111482-A: Novel benzodioxane derivatives*their manufacture and therapeutic application patent, JP-S55111662-A: Ignition circuit patent, JP-S55112096-A: Conference-use electronic device patent, JP-S55112132-A: C-forming method in uo steel pipe production patent, JP-S55112706-A: Center-drilling device patent, JP-S55113288-A: Method of connecting plastic power cable patent, JP-S55113766-A: Bicyclic lactams and their manufacture patent, JP-S55113974-A: Ultrasonic current and flow meter utilizing doppler's shift patent, JP-S5511415-A: Tracking type conveyor patent, JP-S55114412-A: Plate width control method by edger roll patent, JP-S5511475-A: Control device of pushing roll patent, JP-S55115717-A: Ring oscillator patent, JP-S55116536-A: Method of and apparatus for automatically packaging grain patent, JP-S5511661-A: Waveform correction device patent, JP-S55116700-A: Production of silicon carbide crystal layer patent, JP-S55117159-A: Image forming apparatus patent, JP-S55118737-A: Device for displaying date of living body patent, JP-S55118930-A: Intermediate for carbon fiber composite material patent, JP-S55119791-A: Microwave invador detector patent, JP-S5512028-A: Bundling machine with printer patent, JP-S55120491-A: Control device for resistance welding machine patent, JP-S55121601-A: Discharge resistor for rotary electric machine patent, JP-S55121723-A: Concentrated constant type circulator and isolator patent, JP-S5512204-A: Method of and apparatus for generating useful electric energy from massive fluid flowing at a relatively low speed patent, JP-S55122104-A: Device for measuring length patent, JP-S55122849-A: Dispersion intensified aluminum alloy patent, JP-S55123259-A: Abnormal bus detector circuit patent, JP-S55123643-A: Phenolic resin composition patent, JP-S55123898-A: Safety device for highhplace working truck patent, JP-S55125160-A: Pigment composition patent, JP-S55125163-A: Manufacture of pigment state of deep*lustrous and transparent bromisoviolanthrone patent, JP-S55125791-A: Radio type remote control unit patent, JP-S55125847-A: Ultrasonic wave blood current meter patent, JP-S55126215-A: Display unit and driving same patent, JP-S55126758-A: Frosting detecting apparatus for air conditioner patent, JP-S55127284-A: Ship transportation of slurried coal patent, JP-S55127310-A: Preparation of emulsified material by gel emulsification patent, JP-S55127362-A: Liquid crystal compound patent, JP-S55127463-A: Disperse-type, water-insoluble dye composition patent, JP-S55127733-A: Non-volatile counter unit patent, JP-S55127850-A: Remote monitor controller patent, JP-S55128110-A: Method of measuring rolling length of rolling body patent, JP-S55128422-A: Extraction confirming device for molded product patent, JP-S55129906-A: Recording and preproducing system patent, JP-S55130174-A: Method of fabricating semiconductor device patent, JP-S55131130-A: Production of high strength steel material having low yield ratio patent, JP-S55132134-A: Noise reducing circuit of digital signal equipment for vehicle patent, JP-S55132854-A: Method of placing glass plate for wall patent, JP-S55132898-A: Method and device for propelling cylinder patent, JP-S5513356-A: Sun deck device with roof free to open and close patent, JP-S55133921-A: Jointing method for plastic resin molded product patent, JP-S55134381-A: Electronic watch patent, JP-S55134677-A: System of classifying mail to be delivered patent, JP-S55134981-A: Method of manufacturing semiconductor device patent, JP-S55136018-A: Detachable and freely liftable one touch table with automatic switch attached to magic pot patent, JP-S55136374-A: Method and device for raising pylon patent, JP-S5513735-A: Modification of pigment for coated paper patent, JP-S55137883-A: Shot blasting device patent, JP-S55138390-A: Production of cyclodextrin patent, JP-S55139998-A: Rotary pump patent, JP-S55140076-A: Refrigerator patent, JP-S55140775-A: Inorganic electroconductive material composition patent, JP-S55140792-A: Manufacture of 3-5 group compound semiconductor single crystal patent, JP-S55141376-A: Arc starting method in automatic tig welding of stationary pipe patent, JP-S55141772-A: Laser device patent, JP-S55142179-A: Controlling device of water flow to or from pipings patent, JP-S55142402-A: Diamond cantilever patent, JP-S55144193-A: Pressureesensitive and thermoosensitive recording material patent, JP-S55145054-A: Pressure control valve for car brake patent, JP-S55145655-A: Manufacture of aromatic diurethane and polyurethane patent, JP-S55146395-A: Manifold type recuperator patent, JP-S55147056-A: Line connecting system in channel multiplex patent, JP-S55147696-A: Synchronization in code transmission using variable word length patent, JP-S55147860-A: Data transfer controlling method patent, JP-S55148683-A: Jointed barge for ro/ro cargo work patent, JP-S55148845-A: Joint for culvert patent, JP-S55148993-A: Cover device for pump patent, JP-S55149063-A: Integrated circuit testing method and apparatus patent, JP-S55150875-A: Preparation of natural concentrated coloring agent for food from citrus rind patent, JP-S55150963-A: Polisher applying compressed air patent, JP-S55151256-A: Pinhole detector patent, JP-S55151676-A: Flush fixing device patent, JP-S55152063-A: Vibration preventive type wheel patent, JP-S55152484-A: Oblique sweeping acoustic searching system patent, JP-S55152525-A: Disposal method for malodorous gas patent, JP-S55153147-A: Tape recorder patent, JP-S55153618-A: Strip coil processor patent, JP-S55153966-A: Exposure device in slit exposure type copying machine patent, JP-S55154334-A: Manufacture of optical glass product patent, JP-S55154487-A: Rush current preventing circuit of electronic watch patent, JP-S55156512-A: Walking type rice transplanter patent, JP-S55156574-A: Dehydrater for laver patent, JP-S55156663-A: Method and apparatus for supervising molding process patent, JP-S5515668-A: Adhesive coating device of long wooden plate material patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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