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US-6628195-B1: Tactile stimulation device for use by a deaf person patent, US-6704810-B1: Method for handling persistent reservation registrations in a storage device patent, US-6715140-B1: Program trace method and apparatus, and storage medium patent, US-4086945-A: Bag for carrying motion picture film cans of different sizes patent, US-4414737-A: Production of Schottky barrier diode patent, US-4525910-A: Resilient tipped needle valve patent, US-4563283-A: Process for clarifying bicarbonate bearing waters using measurement and control of carbon dioxide content patent, US-4608655-A: Wristwatch dosimeter patent, US-4865213-A: Composite panel, wall assembly and components therefor patent, US-4883861-A: Cysteine-rich peptides having gamma-glutamic acid and beta-alanine units, a process for their preparation and their use patent, US-4914713-A: Rotation detection or speed pickup device for miniature d-c motor patent, US-5154242-A: Power tools with multi-stage tightening torque control patent, US-5177823-A: Adjustable headrest patent, US-5204250-A: Process for production of arachidonic acid patent, US-5287033-A: Vibrating surface gyroscopes patent, US-5289085-A: Capacitively driven RF light source having notched electrode for improved starting patent, US-5378478-A: Manufacture of cheese products with polyol polyester fat substitutes patent, US-5543369-A: Polymer precursor for silicon carbide/aluminum nitride ceramics patent, US-5665980-A: Fabrication method of superconducting quantum interference device constructed from short weak links with ultrafine metallic wires patent, US-6046262-A: Composition for promoting adhesion between rubber and textiles patent, US-6081768-A: Digital peak detector patent, US-6285719-B1: Digital phase sensitive rectification of AC driven transducer signals patent, US-6445756-B1: Peak detecting circuit for detecting a peak of a time discrete signal by an approximate function patent, US-6495894-B2: Photonic device, a substrate for fabricating a photonic device, a method for fabricating the photonic device and a method for manufacturing the photonic device-fabricating substrate patent, US-6554930-B1: Method and apparatus for connecting cords/filaments patent, US-3844871-A: Tire building machine patent, US-3887781-A: Metal base cookware induction heating apparatus having improved control circuit using infra-red temperature sensor patent, US-4046693-A: Scum skimmer apparatus patent, US-4370998-A: Fuel tank for reserving different kinds of fuels patent, US-4550122-A: Attachment for removing residue in front of a planter patent, US-4647423-A: Fuel handling apparatus for a nuclear reactor patent, US-5020200-A: Apparatus for treating a wafer surface patent, US-5408741-A: Method for forming electronic device patent, US-5421133-A: Insulation batt with extended flange patent, US-5505811-A: Sidewall applicator for heat fusion of a fitting to a plastic pipe patent, US-5515353-A: Optical head with forward and return light beam propagating along a common path patent, US-5586479-A: Cutting apparatus for cutting an image from a receiving sheet patent, US-5591799-A: Aqueous emulsion materials containing copolymerized vinyl amide monomers and hydrolysis products thereof patent, US-5895211-A: Method and device for supplying a gaseous fuel to a premixing burner patent, US-5986292-A: Semiconductor integrated logic circuit device patent, US-6132491-A: Method and apparatus for dissociating metals from metal compounds extracted into supercritical fluids patent, US-6150341-A: Vitamin B12 derivatives and methods for their preparation patent, US-6180388-B1: Enzymes and micro organisms with amidase activity which hydrolyze polyamides patent, US-6199744-B1: Friction welding process and shielding gas shower for carrying out the process patent, US-6329273-B1: Solid-source doping for source/drain to eliminate implant damage patent, US-6474411-B1: Metal protector for threaded extremities of well drilling tubes patent, US-6650501-B2: Higher inter-disc separations to improve disc drive actuator servo performance patent, US-6698501-B2: Heat exchangers that contain and utilize fluidized small solid particles patent, US-4411435-A: Seal assembly with energizing mechanism patent, US-4446697-A: Hydraulic fan drive system including variable displacement pump patent, US-4600972-A: Emergency lighting apparatus patent, US-4793507-A: Folding packaging case patent, US-4805969-A: Bag holder patent, US-4876473-A: Armature patent, US-5025692-A: Cutter for wall covering sheet rolls patent, US-5300579-A: Vulcanizable rubber composition and vulcanized rubber product patent, US-5431957-A: Apparatus and method for protection of pumps used for delivery of air- or moisture-sensitive liquids patent, US-5459624-A: Activator control method and apparatus for positioning a transducer using a phase plane trajectory trough function for a direct access storage device with estimated velocity and position states patent, US-5799275-A: Speech recognizing device and method assuming a current frame is an end point of a current reference pattern patent, US-5952270-A: Process for heat treating superconductor wire patent, US-6043149-A: Method of purifying a metal line in a semiconductor device patent, US-6322642-B1: Process and steel for the manufacture of a pressure vessel working in the presence hydrogen sulfide patent, US-6519903-B1: Device for fixing plates, in particular glass plates patent, US-6531403-B2: Method of etching an object, method of repairing pattern, nitride pattern and semiconductor device patent, US-6609006-B1: Mobile communication system and mobile terminal patent, US-6629283-B1: Quantization error correcting device and method, and audio information decoding device and method patent, US-4336882-A: Pen pill container patent, US-4559211-A: Method for reduced temperature operation of flue gas collectors patent, US-4802277-A: Method of making a chip carrier slotted array patent, US-4956186-A: Process for the production of low calorie yogurt patent, US-4979941-A: Device suitable for mixing medication patent, US-5580517-A: Method of making composites of metals and oxides patent, US-5665944-A: Elevator machinery patent, US-5724874-A: Method of manufacturing food loaf slice groups patent, US-5782412-A: Garden watering tool patent, US-5804113-A: Method and device for the continuous manufacture of slabstock polyurethane foam within a predetermined pressure range patent, US-6257077-B1: Remotely powered sensing arrangement for a rotatable device patent, US-6287931-B1: Method of fabricating on-chip inductor patent, US-4169655-A: Protective device for protection against radiation during welding patent, US-4633516-A: Instantaneous frequency measurement receiver with digital processing patent, US-5879996-A: Silicon-germanium devices for CMOS formed by ion implantation and solid phase epitaxial regrowth patent, US-5906704-A: Hot-melt resin composition, production of powder form thereof, and hot-melt resin powder composition patent, US-6087075-A: Holographic tamper-evident label patent, US-6220265-B1: Adjustable collapsible panels patent, US-6266742-B1: Algorithm for cache replacement patent, US-6359391-B1: System and method for overvoltage protection during pulse width modulation dimming of an LCD backlight inverter patent, US-6532277-B2: Method for controlling DSL transmission power patent, US-4439687-A: Generator synchronization in power recovery units patent, US-4636489-A: Modified protease inhibitors, process for their preparation, and pharmaceutical compositions prepared therefrom patent, US-4642192-A: Method of treating fluids patent, US-4667073-A: Electrical switch with self contained indicating means patent, US-4687163-A: Railway switch control system patent, US-5477989-A: Child resistant nozzle cover patent, US-6164848-A: Process and circuit for printing a print image patent, US-6242214-B1: Human GTPase-associated proteins patent, US-6374404-B1: Intelligent device having background caching of web pages from a digital television broadcast signal and method of same patent, US-4496304-A: Mould for shaping synthetic material and mould for renovating a carrying board patent, US-4610397-A: Comminuting equipment patent, US-5878416-A: Automated system and method for matching an item of business property to a recipient patent, US-6164911-A: Low aspect ratio compressor casing treatment patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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